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‘High’ review Kathleen Turner

Kathleen Turner ‘High’

Broadway Theater Review

New York City International

‘High’ on Broadway before 4:20

At the Booth Theater, Manhattan


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New York City International Theater Report

‘High’ premiered Tuesday, April 19 at the intimate Booth Theater.  The off Broadway show was a buzz.  Kathleen Turner creates a rehabilitation center for theater patrons ailing from colorless stage complexity.   All three actors deserved the standing ovation they received for the believable conveyance of realistic characters with non fictional pasts.  ‘High’ written by, Matthew Lombardo, is complex as an open ended straw thatch storyboard woven with stereotypes, truth and real life intricacy.  Overall ‘High’ is a thought provoking trip into ones self where each path laid bare is still a dirty road that brings you up or get you ‘High’.

The intellectual challenge developing each scene as the story unfolds for the audience, was well accomplished by director: Rob Ruggiero.

The World Premiere of High was produced by Theater Works, Steve Campo, Executive Director; Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park, Edward Stern, Producing Artistic Director, Buzz Ward, Executive Director; and the Repertory Theatre of St. Louis, Steven Woolf, Artistic Director, Mark D. Bernstein, Managing Director.

Special Thanks to Theatre Development Fund for their support.

Kathleen Turner ‘High’ Premiere

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Bronx Zoo Back On Track

The Bronx Zoo Replaces Egyptian Snake

Congressman Found in Borough Reptile House

New York City International Political Report:

After selling children’s organs for snow flakes in summer the distinguished Republican Congressman from New Delaware was found behind glass as the new mildly interesting American Politician exhibit at the Bronx Zoo.  Manhattan patrons felt cheated when asked to pay for the pleasure of watching a vile creature in a concrete enclosure with glass windows and a full tub.  Apparently in America, these political species are hardly going extinct, due to their hyper stripper breeding patterns.

The Egyptian Cobra has a Twitter following of over 60,000 with a 30% higher Naris Poll approval rating than Mayor Bloomberg.   “L. Spike” doesn’t even use content management systems with RSS feeds because it doesn’t involve white rats.  For more information go to

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New York City International

April Fools!

Your Source for April 1’st Fun


iAds and Mobile Advertising

Steve creates new Jobs by Bedding Microsoft!

Bing chosen over Google for iMac mobile devices!

Mobile iAd Advertising to Rival Google

New York City International Technology Report:

Steve Jobs announced iAd, the new ad server platform for mobile applications based on the iPhone, iPad, and iTouch product line.  In addition, our iPads are now running searches on Bing!  We liked the ease of Google Searches but now the standard search engine has been changed by Apple to Bing for at least some of the New York Devices.  Strangely the media hasn’t announced the electronic tsunami unleashed against Google Ad words and traditional digital marketing.  Why?  Probably because they are so confused and in wonder that Steve Jobs just created an entirely new industry, mobile advertising Apple style.

Rich Media and HTML5 are the new advertising publishing dreams.  New ways to engage, interact and report consumer metrics are just some of the obvious benefits from expanding outdated digital advertising.  iAds will now be included in every major corporation’s advertising campaign.

Apple is now bedded down with Microsoft and has created a mobile app so you too can learn about how quickly hell is freezing over.

You heard it first here at New York City International!

New York gets “High”


Today Broadway Gets “High”

New York City International Broadway Shows:


“High” by Matthew Lombardo is a recovery addiction drama written from first hand knowledge.  The author was a meth addict, now clean for eight years and writes of the struggle and redeeming qualities of Sister Jamison Connelly, a tough-talking nun.  Kathleen Turner returns to Broadway for the first time since her Tony Nomination for her role as Martha, of Edward Albee’s “Who’s Afraid of Virgina Woolf?”

The drug addict, played by Evan Jonigkeit, paired with the strong inspirational character of Turner, should prove gripping and entertaining for Broadway lovers searching for deep real life drama relived on stage.

Broadway Previews TONIGHT!  222 West 45th Street at the Booth Theatre!

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Spring put on hold

Easter Bunny not Welcome

Obama declares war on Easter

Radiation leaks in Tokyo created radioactive eggs

New York City International News Report:

Due to Japanese radiation and New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s budget cuts, this year there will be no giant Easter Bunnies and only two eggs city wide.  The eggs will both be painted by children and made into an omelet that the Mayor will eat at the teachers pancake breakfast.  Thankfully other areas of the country can afford home grown eggs, but unfortunately due to insane artificial mathematical inflation by computer programs, New Yorkers must import radiated eggs from Japan, along with spinach, sold at seven times market value in Korean delis.  Most Manhattan residents agree,

Because of the normal day to day firing of prolific incinerators and automobiles, New York experiences one of the highest ingested levels of radiation and radical carcinogens in the United States.  It’s hard to breathe here compared to Bora Bora!  Complained one Upper East Side asthmatic resident.

Soon we will have air rights auctions in President Trump’s Tower to see who has the right to breathe.  Which is good, who needs a free environment of breathable oxygen anyway?  We should decide finally.

My vote is that the Easter Bunny goes first since no one wants to give sick Japanese radiated bunny eggs even if they are painted, said Fox News more or less.


No Fly Zone

Looks like no Christmas for Libya

UN enforces a No Fly Zone for Libya

Not Santa Clause, American Ground Troops or any one else will be dropping off anything but bombs and weapons for some time in Libya.

US F-16 Fighter Jets aren’t dropping Christmas presents over Tripoli.  America is fighting on “behalf” of the UN to level the playing field.  There may be some who don’t understand why we are bombing country after country but here at New York City International, we report the inside story.

Britan, France and other Allied Partners (perhaps Arab countries) are planning to sit back while Rebel forces fight among themselves for rulership of a country which will most likely kill them before the end of their first term.

We are now involved in killing Muslims in three countries.  It may seem like sport for some mid Americans but it’s not.  It may seem like payback for the 80’s but it’s not that simple.  The United States needs oil for various big businesses and our leaders have invested interestes in the war mongering companies who control the central bank.

If the Central Bank fails we will print more money which will cut down more trees and lead to global warming.  All in all, with the earthquakes, tsunamis, tornadoes, oil spill, nuclear melt downs, middle east war, terrorist bombers, and the war on teachers, you would think our government has enough to worry about.

In fact, The United States of America is planning to take over Libya and build a failing amusement park, says one local source.

Do you want to go to Libya Land with Mickey Mouse?  Mind you don’t get ham-burgled by a hand grenade.

The No Fly Zone is in effect so don’t plan on visiting your dear sweet grams because the rebels have taken her town down.

Or was it Gaddafi, or the French, or the British, or the American bombs that wiped out my goat milk farm?

New York International will report the full story as it unfolds.  For now, stay indoors with duct tape.

St. Patrick’s Day Pictures

New York City International Presents:

The Lucky Irish

It was a fine day for a parade on Saint Patrick’s Day in New York City.  We had clear blue skies with hardly a cloud.  The cold memories of past years and the struggle to survive warmed into cheer and celebration for the ever expanding nation of Irish.  Seen here in our photo gallery are America’s Finest girls and guys in green.  If you weren’t here marching on 5th Avenue, watching the parade or drinking your worries away on a pub crawl we did it all for you and have the photo’s to prove.  Check back later next week and we’ll have the video up on You Tube, it will be a kilt tossing phenomenon barely legal in developed countries only where there are Irish.  Special Thanks to all the New York Leprechauns!

Here is the 2011 Irish Baby Face Winner!

His mother wins a bundle of joy that for the next month even poops green!

This man won the best beard award and said he plans to donate his stach to my wife.

Best reason to come to the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in New York City!

New York City International St. Patrick’s Day Parade

Happy St. Patrick’s Day NYC!

From the Irish at New York City International!

The St. Patrick’s Day Parade of 2011 starts at 11 AM on 44th Street and 5th Avenue in New York City and goes till after 4:00pm up till 78th street in the Upper East Side.  We have attended each parade for years and will be documenting this year as well so check back for more information.  Here you can find more information about pub crawls, river dancing, green hair dye and more!  Go green!  Everyone’s Irish TODAY!!

NYC Art Expo 2011

New York City International Art Exposition 2011

NYC Art Expo 2011!!

Finally here at Pier 94

March 25th-27th

New York City International attended the NYC Art Expo in 2010 and are of definitely planning on being there this year in 2011.

For those members of the Art Guild, you can show up to the Art Show early with documentation of your business and get in FREE if you register HERE.  Members of the Art Loving public are encouraged to attend from 10-4 March 25th to March 27th, give or take an hour (the show historically opens and closes a bit earlier or later depending on who’s running the doors).

Contact us for FREE TICKETS!  We have a limited number of YES FREE TICKETS for anyone who can contact us before March 22nd!

Register HERE with NYC Art Expo and contact us HERE for your promotional code so you get in FREE!

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Contact us here to get free tickets for your group under 5 members.

Thanks for supporting New York City International Art Expo 2011!

Over 400 Exibitors from over 20 countries will attend and show us their artistic skill.

See you there at Booth #703

Courtesy of Anna Art Publishing!

New York City International Auto Show

Vintage New and Collector Automobiles

Here in Manhattan 2011

The New York City International Auto Show 2011

Jacob Javits Convention Center

April 22nd – May 1’st

Ferrari, Lamborghini, Rolls Royce, Bentley, Porche, Jaguar, BMW, Mercedes Bends, Acura and many more collector car manufacturers will be presenting at this years New York City International Auto Show in 2011.

If you want front row seats to the hotest international car show of the decade CONTACT for VIP tickets!  Get ready for this year’s collector’s choice award as the New York City International Auto Show Expo.  The competition should be fierce.

Find your dream car between 34th and 40th 11th Ave, Manhattan

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