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Tracey Lombardi- A Girl from NJ takes over NY

Tracey Lisch Lombardi somehow found the time to sit with Chance Spiessbach of Chance TV recently at Inc Lounge in NY.  Somehow she considers herself a typical Jersey girl, she is a Mother, Housewife, Business Woman, Entrepreneur, Networker, Coach, Talk Show Anchor and Philanthropist. As Tracey explains, “I believe that just because your a 45 year old housewife, there is no reason why you can’t do it all, create your own life, and be a sexy modern woman while doing it.”  She is the quintessential New York City International entrepreneur.

Tracey is definitely not a prima donna with a thousand people actually doijng all the work and she takes the credit. She will cook, clean, work, pick up dirty clothes from each of my 3 children’s room, I walk my dog pick up his poop, I go grocery shopping, I balance a checkbook, carpool, and I am walking on the red carpet by 8pm. I am not a wonder woman, I am the norm. I am the what you see is what you get girl.

I am founder of CocktailsConnect. CocktailsConnect is a professional networking page to share business tips. Networking helps you find hidden opportunities and can set you apart from the competition. Cocktails and Connections, aka CocktailsConnect is the latest web-based marketing tool for business principles. The free website is structured to help businesses and professionals interact and create new sales channels. I do independent social media marketing for private clients as well.  She is the face behind the ultimate New York City International network.
If that is not enough, Tracey is a Private Consultant to Medical Practices expert in Ophthalmology Practices in NY, NJ, CT. Services for medical doctors /ophthalmologists practices include strategic planning, operations enhancement, advertising/marketing counsel and practice cost-containment, merger/acquisition drives, and leadership skills development. Specializing in Staff training and team building.
She is preparing for her new show “The Tracey Effect” Connecting, Communicating and Conquering which will be featured on, She will be highlighting ordinary people doing extraordinary things in business, charity work and in life. Inspiring us all to do bigger things.
She is a board member of The Stop Abuse Campaign. Stop Abuse is a grassroots movement representing the rights of anyone sexually, physically or emotionally abused. Our mission is to stop abuse and alleviate the suffering of all those affected, including families, friends, businesses and communities.
As Tracey mentioned she is an example of what you see is what you get.  What I see is someone who is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside.  The world is a better place with her in it and I’m lucky to be her friend.

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