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No Fly Zone

Looks like no Christmas for Libya

UN enforces a No Fly Zone for Libya

Not Santa Clause, American Ground Troops or any one else will be dropping off anything but bombs and weapons for some time in Libya.

US F-16 Fighter Jets aren’t dropping Christmas presents over Tripoli.  America is fighting on “behalf” of the UN to level the playing field.  There may be some who don’t understand why we are bombing country after country but here at New York City International, we report the inside story.

Britan, France and other Allied Partners (perhaps Arab countries) are planning to sit back while Rebel forces fight among themselves for rulership of a country which will most likely kill them before the end of their first term.

We are now involved in killing Muslims in three countries.  It may seem like sport for some mid Americans but it’s not.  It may seem like payback for the 80’s but it’s not that simple.  The United States needs oil for various big businesses and our leaders have invested interestes in the war mongering companies who control the central bank.

If the Central Bank fails we will print more money which will cut down more trees and lead to global warming.  All in all, with the earthquakes, tsunamis, tornadoes, oil spill, nuclear melt downs, middle east war, terrorist bombers, and the war on teachers, you would think our government has enough to worry about.

In fact, The United States of America is planning to take over Libya and build a failing amusement park, says one local source.

Do you want to go to Libya Land with Mickey Mouse?  Mind you don’t get ham-burgled by a hand grenade.

The No Fly Zone is in effect so don’t plan on visiting your dear sweet grams because the rebels have taken her town down.

Or was it Gaddafi, or the French, or the British, or the American bombs that wiped out my goat milk farm?

New York International will report the full story as it unfolds.  For now, stay indoors with duct tape.

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