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The Body Architects NYC

Shaimiane Loiacono is the finest New York City International personal trainer who also has a pre & post rehabilitation specialist degree.  No one cares more and can help you get in shape faster and safer.  Regardless of age, health, shape or injuries you will get in shape and have alot of fun doing it.   When you cross The Body Architects with a New York City International gym you get results !!!

I’m Shaimaine Loiacono a U.S. Marine, celebrity fitness trainer and wellness coach. I’ve been in the fitness industry / wellness industry for 15 years and have passion about what I do.  I’m an accredited Pre/Post Rehabilitation Exercise Specialist and the founder of the Body Architects. I have developed a fundamental and efficient personnel approach to getting results. My method is simple and direct there is no wasted time during sessions with the primary focus being on the individual. The method is a blend of different training modalities combined in one program backed by science and sound nutritional guidelines to ensure that the desired results are achieved in a timely and safe manner as to avoid injury and over fatigue. The Body Architects method has been taught and used by trainers and top industry professionals so they to gain the knowledge to get the desired results their clients need.

Post Rehabilitation Exercise Specialist (P.R.E.S).  The most commonly asked question is what is a P.R.E.S and how does that differ from a Physical Therapist.

The P.R.E.S main goal is to restore function to the body and get it as close to 100% as after a serious injury or trauma as possible. Where we differ is the Physical Therapist restores function but usually is only in the short term when you are done with Physical Therapy they send you back to the gym a tell you you’re ok to resume training. This is where we pick it up and custom tailor your program with your specific needs with the input from your Doctor and Therapist and work on your overall well being.

Can I get the same results with just a regular Trainer?

A regular Trainer is not equipped to handle these goals for the reason that they focus on the superficial aspect of Training and most are only taught Anatomy. They are not taught enough or any Kinesiology or Neurological programming to assist the client and head them in the right direction. Training is not just muscle there are 3 key factors that are involved The Muscular System, Central Nervous System, and Cardiovascular System.

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