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New York City International:

Information on international news topics broadcast on the internet!

We have exclusive personal interviews with red carpet stars, celebrity guests, academic leaders, political bums and fun places to gather, party or enrich your life.

If you are traveling in the Big Apple of course you might want to know about the Weather, Travel Updates, Business news, Wall Street, Fashion, Technology, Artwork, Auctions, Eco Friendly Fundraisers and hotel savings information.

Here you see Murray State Choir performing at Carnegie Hall

Would you like to see a performance at Carnegie Hall?

In town for New Years Eve 2010 and want to book your dream vacation?

How about a Broadway show and a fireplace champagne bar?

Feeling like caviar on the roof with live music, here you can see the stars and get to know them personally.

It’s New York City International.

The best place for the adventurous traveler.

NYC is one major hub of the financial world.

Even with the economic downturn Manhattan still maintains itself as the trading capital of the western hemisphere.  The financial district on Wall Street and in the southern part of Manhattan also represent luxury divisions in American and international economies.

The New York City’s International Diamond District is one of America’s leading areas for the sale of precious stones.

Yellow Diamonds, Blue Diamonds, Tiffany’s Diamonds and a sparkling array including the best jewelry designers in the world.

Almost all major fashion brands are established here in the city of New York.  The international fashion community of Paris, London, Hong Kong and beyond all recognize New York City as a fashion mecca.

The international film industry shoots in the Big Apple every day.  Blockbuster films like Ghost Busters and Home Alone plus thousands more, were recorded here in The City That Never Sleeps.

The National and International News Media also produces and broadcasts from Manhattan.

Our website is dedicated to the international people of the world interested in visiting our fair city. is also for the international inhabitants of Queens, Staten Island, The Bronx, Brooklyn and Manhattan Island.

Together we can improve standards of living through education and eco friendly business growth.

Manhattan is a magical place where dreams come true.

“Become your dream.” De La Vega

Please enjoy and be kind to others.

Thank you for visiting.

New York City International Welcomes You to The Big Apple!

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