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Wall Street Business Report

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The New York Stock Exchange

Our Financial Correspondent Jon King:

Black Friday and Holiday Shopping keeps economies pumping

To understand the short term gain market, potential investors must consider how diversified their long term and short term portfolio strategies.  Do their goals support an aggressive investment strategy, like shorts? In my opinion, Bermuda Shorts are best…inside joke.. The international market poses interesting business possibilities, especially in various developed island nations where technology and demand for various products and basic services are significant and not always best established.  Ireland’s economic crisis will cost hundreds of billions of Euros and potentially lead Portugal and Spain to the same precarious financial future.  The global economy is very strong in Asia and getting better down under.  Australia, sunshine drenched refuge against imperialist notions, is making a statement in European and British Markets in both exports and tourism.  Overall the global economy, linked to domestic futures, is shaky at this point.  Our advice, other than don’t take advice from those willing to give advice, is to diversify your portfolio and if that means taking a short or taking a short break, enjoy the holiday’s because Black Friday numbers will tallied soon and the results should indicate how frosty the next winter months will be in America’s business forecast.

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