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Lie Detectors and Stacey of Millionaire Matchmaker

Stacey Kessler is a very unique girl.  Her first appearance on Millionaire Matchmaker was so eventful that she was brought back for the final episode and even strapped to a lie detector.  Jersey girl meets Jersey girl tonight when Ridgewood’s Stacy Kessler gets some dating assistance from Short Hills native Patti Stanger — also known as Bravo’s “Millionaire Matchmaker.”

Stacey, a 46-year-old divorced mother, model, actress and life coach, says she went on the show because “I don’t really date much, actually”. “I wanted to give it an honest chance, ’cause Patti supposedly is a professional matchmaker. So I gave it an honest chance. You sort of live and you learn.”  Although, Patti has yet to be able to find a match for herself at nearly 50 years old Stacey went for it.

Here is a little exchange between our two friends from Jersey.

STACY KESSLER - Please apologize to me for yelling that one time. 



PATTI STANGER - I said no. I don't feel like it.

STACY KESSLER - Then I will walk out of this office and never accept your free matchmaking services again.

PATTI STANGER - Stop being disruptful! You're so disruptful!

STACY KESSLER - I don't think disruptful is a word.

PATTI STANGER - Who are you, Merriam Webster? This is my business. I decide what words exist.

Chance Spiessbach of Chance TV was actually a date of Stacey’s on one show and knew her prior to the interview.  New York City International lifestyle coach Stacey, who was the “millionairesses” address Patti’s claims that Stanger feels Kessler’s “energy is scattered due to a midlife crisis”.   She also address’s David Yontef, one of the contestants who says he has a little secret about the self-proclaimed millionaires on the show: they’re not as rich as they claim.  Stacey was one of the people he singled out.

Yontef estimated that 50 % of the contests do not actually have $1 million. He named Stacy Kessler, Doug Kepanis and Jason Teich as shams.He claimed Bravo does no validating of a person’s claim to being a millionaire.  Only Stacey knows for sure.

Done with dating shows, Kessler is focused on building a career in entertainment as an actress and TV host. She has also assumed the position of lifestyle coach on her YouTube show “The Lingerie Script,” which is aimed at empowering 40-something women. “It’s something tasteful, classy and unexpected,” she says of the show, which includes expert diet and exercise tips.

Why was important for her to target her own age group? “Successful women with children who, number one, are happy — which is the most important thing in life — and are personally and professionally successful … achieving all that is a tall order,” she says. “A lot of people just can’t do it alone. But if I can do it, anybody can.”

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Hey Dude Skin Care Products

Nick Berner of Hey Dude Skin Care sat down with Chance Spiessbach of Chance TV and not only discussed his amazing products but Chance got to experience a few from the line as well.  Nick is a great looking sharp guy who gets it.  Yes, Dudes want to look great for women but with little to no effort.  Hey Dude products makes that possible.  To be honest each one was a really easy to use.  A few minutes out of each day and you’re done.  No greasy messy feeling, no face masks.  Hey Dude is definitely the best New York City International skincare product available.

Nick confined in me his age.  I was shocked as he looks ten years younger.  He’s living proof that these products will make you look and feel great and take years off of your appearance.  He is the ideal representative for Hey Dude.

Hey Dude Skin Care is a line of premium skincare products tailored to the unique needs of today’s Dude.  The well-priced products, cover men’s critical needs in cleansing, moisturizing, and protecting their skin from sun damage.
Hey Dude Skin Care understands that men want simplicity and are lazy.  By offering conveniently packaged products that not only include high quality ingredients like hyaluronic acid (for retaining moisture) and seaweed extracts (to reduce inflammation), Hey Dude Skin Care helps men overcome their resistance to taking care of their skin, once and for all.  man deserves to treat himself to the very finest skin care regimen he can find – products that contain only natural, organic and tested ingredients that blend to form high quality products addressing a broad cross section of male skin needs.   We use these products in our own families, never test on animals, and aim to deliver value well in excess of any price you pay.
The company offers easy to use cleansers starting at just $9.50, and tops out with its pure hyaluronic acid moisturizing gel at $46.50.  Nary Hairy is one of the specialty products that not only moisturizes the skin post-shave, but when applied daily for 30-60 days, is proven to slow beard growth to delay the “Five O’Clock Shadow” look.  All products are guaranteed to work.  In fact, they work so well, men may need to guard against their ladies using them, too!
Hey Dude  has over 30 years of experience in both Europe and the U.S., dealing with the complexities and nuances of all skin types and shades. With premium, non-toxic ingredients, Hey Dude Skin Care products are at the forefront of today’s revolution in men’s skin care and grooming needs.   Your skin is the largest organ in your body. Doesn’t it make sense to use the best skin care products available?
More information is available at the company’s website, as well as daily updates on its Facebook and Twitter pages.

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Tracey Lombardi- A Girl from NJ takes over NY

Tracey Lisch Lombardi somehow found the time to sit with Chance Spiessbach of Chance TV recently at Inc Lounge in NY.  Somehow she considers herself a typical Jersey girl, she is a Mother, Housewife, Business Woman, Entrepreneur, Networker, Coach, Talk Show Anchor and Philanthropist. As Tracey explains, “I believe that just because your a 45 year old housewife, there is no reason why you can’t do it all, create your own life, and be a sexy modern woman while doing it.”  She is the quintessential New York City International entrepreneur.

Tracey is definitely not a prima donna with a thousand people actually doijng all the work and she takes the credit. She will cook, clean, work, pick up dirty clothes from each of my 3 children’s room, I walk my dog pick up his poop, I go grocery shopping, I balance a checkbook, carpool, and I am walking on the red carpet by 8pm. I am not a wonder woman, I am the norm. I am the what you see is what you get girl.

I am founder of CocktailsConnect. CocktailsConnect is a professional networking page to share business tips. Networking helps you find hidden opportunities and can set you apart from the competition. Cocktails and Connections, aka CocktailsConnect is the latest web-based marketing tool for business principles. The free website is structured to help businesses and professionals interact and create new sales channels. I do independent social media marketing for private clients as well.  She is the face behind the ultimate New York City International network.
If that is not enough, Tracey is a Private Consultant to Medical Practices expert in Ophthalmology Practices in NY, NJ, CT. Services for medical doctors /ophthalmologists practices include strategic planning, operations enhancement, advertising/marketing counsel and practice cost-containment, merger/acquisition drives, and leadership skills development. Specializing in Staff training and team building.
She is preparing for her new show “The Tracey Effect” Connecting, Communicating and Conquering which will be featured on, She will be highlighting ordinary people doing extraordinary things in business, charity work and in life. Inspiring us all to do bigger things.
She is a board member of The Stop Abuse Campaign. Stop Abuse is a grassroots movement representing the rights of anyone sexually, physically or emotionally abused. Our mission is to stop abuse and alleviate the suffering of all those affected, including families, friends, businesses and communities.
As Tracey mentioned she is an example of what you see is what you get.  What I see is someone who is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside.  The world is a better place with her in it and I’m lucky to be her friend.

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Hailey Glassman and the “Celebrity Magnet”

For all of the controversy surrounding Hailey it turns out she is liked by everyone.  She is sweet, caring and very honest.  She is definitely  someone you want on your side.  She is a powerhouse in PR and knows everyone.  I enjoyed our interview immensely.

Chance Spiessbach of Chance TV was  at the incredible New Years Eve celebration with Ice T and Coco held at Nuela  Restaurant in NYC.   The place went crazy when Ice got up and rapped for an intimate group of his friends after the clock struck midnight.  Ice T is the most famous and legendary of all the New York City International Rappers.  The interview above is with the infamous heart breaker Hailey Glassman.

While Ice T rapped and wowed the crowed, Coco danced with her lovely friends.  They truely are a perfect couple.  It was also their 9 year anniversary.   Congrats guys.  New York City International promoter Noel Ashman put this whole party together and had the Sachika twins on hand to add the glamor.  They are two of New York City International’s designers to the stars. I had a great interview with Kim G but unfortunately I can’t air it as she has a gag order from Bravo.  Antonella Barba from American Idol was a Guest Host who I did get to interview and she was amazing. Next time Ice T and Coco have a party do whatever it takes to go.

In attendance was Kim G of Bravo’s Real Housewives of New Jersey and her stud Thomas Murro, the man behind Celebritymagnet. com  Tom a New Jersey native, husband ,father of two girls, banker, martial artist and celebrity enthusiast. Tom enjoys his time at red carpet events and has photographed and interviewed many A-list celebrities over the past few months. After spending 22 years in the banking business he has recently started an unlikely and successful career in entertainment forming his own website, all thanks to one highly publicized meeting he had with President Obama last summer.   Tom jumped into the interview with Hailey halfway and naturally I called him John.

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Make Up Artist to the Stars

Kateri  Giehl one of New York City International’s make up artist  and stylist put Chance Spiessbach of Chance TV in her magic chair and shared her secrets usually reserved just for the rich and famous models, actors and rock stars.

Kateri Giehl hails from the Midwest, the daughter of two artists her creativity was fostered at an early age. Kateri started her career in the salon with eight years of experience as a Vidal Sassoon trained stylist. It was a natural progression when a client asked her to work on a photo shoot she discovered her passion and talent for makeup artistry.  Kateri has worked in Europe, Australia and United States for such clients as Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Elle, Travel & Leisure, Avon, Clairol and Cole Haan. She currently resides in New York where she finds inspiration from the world around her.  No matter how good you look she will find a way to make you look better.  Even a Ferrari needs to be polished.

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MTV’s “Bridge and Tunnel”

Chance Spiesssbach of Chance TV sat down with the stars of Bridge and Tunnel, sisters Gabriella and Brianna DeBartoli.  These sexy sisters are represented by Alex Ross Modeling and Richard Alan Management. Similar to The Jersey Shore, Bridge and Tunnel was originally scheduled to premiere back in October on MTV.  This show is like The Jersey Shore on steroids. The trailer was first leaked on   The show, Perez deems, “the greatest thing to happen to reality television since Teresa Giudice flipped that effing table!”

Bridge & Tunnel is about a group of 20-somethings from Staten Island trying to move to Manhattan. In April, following a screening of Bridge & Tunnel, the LA Times called the series “the greatest show you’ve never seen” and encouraged readers to mount campaigns to MTV to “make sure MTV puts this on the air.”  New York City International Reality Stars Gabriella and Brianna tells us all about filming the show and what Bridge and Tunnel life is really like.  Be sure to check out the Bridge and Tunnel trailer above.

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Lingerie+Girls+Rap Stars = Diaspora Model’s 2010 Pageant

New York City International Nightlife

Chance Spiessbach of Chance TV was on the scene as Amnesia Nightclub was turned upside down with live (no lip syncing here) rapping by New York City International Rapper Maino featuring T Pain and twenty six fierce models from Armenia, Poland, Russia to Haiti  strutting in lingerie and doing dance routines in the mind-blowing Miss Diaspora Models 2010-2011 Beauty Pageant.

Celebrities such as Jo Lance from Mexico’s Next Top Model and Vildane Zeneli were there. Angelina Shipilina winner of the Diaspora crown and host Vildane Zeneli were there overseeing the event.  Judges of Miss Diaspora Models 2010 included:  Former Diaspora Models Winner Ricellys Duggal, Terezia , Jo Lance , Sidney, Shari and Rashica.

The women, who range in age from 18-30, will performed five categories: an introductory dance choreographed to Rihanna’s “Hard,” a costume number in which the models wear their country’s traditional dress, a lingerie competition, an evening-wear competition and a question and answer category.

Schon explained,”A lot of people promise that they will make you a supermodel, or get you into this movie, or that movie, but you have to pay,” Schon said. Her mission is to provide the models with a support network. “I just wanted to do something where I can help other women.”She does not charging entry fees.

Diaspora was founded by a former model who emigrated in United States at the age of 19. Wanting to pursue her dream in modeling, but not able to do so because of an accident, Gabriela, decided to form an organization where she could help, promote, and educate other young foreign females in pursuing their dreams.

Miss Diaspora Models International Pageant is by far the best of the New York City International Beauty Pageants. Hands down.

Our competitions have had international stars such as Vildane Zeneli, Ricellys Dugall, Angelina Shipilina, all of whom had  stellar careers  after winning  the Diaspora Pageant. Julia Pavlovskaia and model Johanna Sambucini have won several titles since Dispora.

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New Year 2011 NYC

Happy New Year 2011

Holiday Cheers From:

New York City International

Thanks for being part of New York City International during the year of 2010.  Our Manhattan based, accelerated international news network is proud to serve the joyous EARTH!  Enjoy the Holidays with New York City’s International Holiday Reports, VIP Events and most importantly Charity Fundraising.  Please help to make this year better for everyone around the world.  Your Journey starts here at  Thank you for visiting.

Have a very healthy, wealthy, loving and happy new year in 2011!

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Special Thanks to Chance TV

Gwen Stefani’s LAMB Rocks Fashion Week

Chance TV at the Spring 2010 LAMB Show, Mercedes Benz Fashion week 2010. No Doubt lead singer and music Icon walked the runway at the L.A.M.B. Spring 2011 fashion show – bringing Kingston ( her son ) out for the grand finale. Concluding New York City International Fashion Week in style Gwen Stefani unveiled her designs at The Theater at Lincoln Center.

“I love doing a fashion show. It’s more dramatic, more theatrical. … It’s great.” says Gwen. “With fashion, I’m now asking if I can play in your house, even though I didn’t grow up in your neighborhood.”  Her experience as a musical performer helps her control her nerves according to Miss Stefani.  This New York City International Pop Star had to hold back the tears and not get too sentimental, “I try not to cry. It’s not that I’m so happy or so sad, I think it’s just the natural release.”

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Toys for Dogs Party 2010 -Wendy Diamond & Lucky

Chance Spiessbach of Chance TV caught up with beautiful Wendy Diamond and Lucky at her Toys for Dogs charity event at Greenhouse in NYC. New York City International Charity icon Wendy has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for local animal shelters especially the Humane Society of NY. Wendy’s parties are the best.
Wendy Diamond is the leading Pet Lifestyle expert, TV Personality and Animal Rescue Advocate. Wendy was dubbed as “the Martha Stewart of the milk and bone dish” by “The New Yorker”, “Pet Diva” by the “New York Post”, and crowned as the “Canine Queen” by “Forbes Magazine”. Wendy has exclusively interviewed a number celebrities and their pets in a list that includes New York City International celebrities Beyonce, Brad Pitt, Mickey Rourke, Adrian Grenier, Amanda Bynes, Jeremy Pivan, Paris Hilton, Diane Lane, Charlize Theron, Matt Leinart, Shania Twain, Eric McCormack, Renee Zellweger, Kristin Davis, Brad Pitt, Drew Barrymore, Halle Berry, Bo Derek, Tom Hanks and many more.

Wendy and Lucky Diamond are broadcasting from all of New York City’s taxi cabs! The beautiful Diamonds are showing up everywhere on Bing Mobile commercial in the backseat of a NYC taxi cabs. Check out Wendy’s favorite pet shopping hotspots during your next cab ride.

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