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Hailey Glassman and the “Celebrity Magnet”

For all of the controversy surrounding Hailey it turns out she is liked by everyone.  She is sweet, caring and very honest.  She is definitely  someone you want on your side.  She is a powerhouse in PR and knows everyone.  I enjoyed our interview immensely.

Chance Spiessbach of Chance TV was  at the incredible New Years Eve celebration with Ice T and Coco held at Nuela  Restaurant in NYC.   The place went crazy when Ice got up and rapped for an intimate group of his friends after the clock struck midnight.  Ice T is the most famous and legendary of all the New York City International Rappers.  The interview above is with the infamous heart breaker Hailey Glassman.

While Ice T rapped and wowed the crowed, Coco danced with her lovely friends.  They truely are a perfect couple.  It was also their 9 year anniversary.   Congrats guys.  New York City International promoter Noel Ashman put this whole party together and had the Sachika twins on hand to add the glamor.  They are two of New York City International’s designers to the stars. I had a great interview with Kim G but unfortunately I can’t air it as she has a gag order from Bravo.  Antonella Barba from American Idol was a Guest Host who I did get to interview and she was amazing. Next time Ice T and Coco have a party do whatever it takes to go.

In attendance was Kim G of Bravo’s Real Housewives of New Jersey and her stud Thomas Murro, the man behind Celebritymagnet. com  Tom a New Jersey native, husband ,father of two girls, banker, martial artist and celebrity enthusiast. Tom enjoys his time at red carpet events and has photographed and interviewed many A-list celebrities over the past few months. After spending 22 years in the banking business he has recently started an unlikely and successful career in entertainment forming his own website, all thanks to one highly publicized meeting he had with President Obama last summer.   Tom jumped into the interview with Hailey halfway and naturally I called him John.

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Coco & Chance TV discuss upcoming reality show.

At the Prince Malik’s celebrity studded album release party Coco and Chance Spiessbach of Chance TV spent some time on the red carper together discussing love, marriage and whether a reality show on E is coming her and Ice T’s way.

Coco was born in Tarzana California, March,17th 1979.  The name Coco was adopted by my half/brother, 20 years ago. He couldn’t say my name Nicole so it went from Cole Cole to Coco and stuck ever since.

When did I get the entertainment bug? When i was 14 years old, I entered a Model and Talent search for Beverly Hills Studios,in California. I was 1 of 5 winners that got a scholarship to their school. A fun tid-bit is Jessica Alba was in my class with me too.

At 18 I started competing in contests and fitness competitions. I won Miss Ujena Fitness in 1998. I then started my modeling career in swimsuits and lingerie and did countless, calendars,videos, and print work. (You can purchase all of her incredible stuff at Coco’s World. ) I then caught Playboy’s eye and worked for them. You can see my recent layout in March 2008 issue.

Backstage she told me how she met IceT and fell in love instantly.  I met Ice T on a movie set in California 2002 when I was 22 years old, through a producer friend. We were inseparable after that and eloped in Vegas.We’ve been in a relationship for 9 years.  She has been an actress on Law and Order in two episodes.

She also talks about her soon to be launched clothing line “Licious”.  “Licious” is stretchy and made for the very curvy woman.  Can’t wait.  Stay tuned.