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Billionaire Sir Ivan

Chance Spiessbach of Chance TV was able to hear all about what goes on inside the head of one of the most unique, wealthy, sexy, and exciting people in, I dare say the world.  Of course he showed up with Peruvian Superstar Mayi (pronounced Maji) Novoa.

Ivan L. Wilzig a/k/a Sir Ivan or Peaceman is a musician who is best known for techno remixes of 1960s songs such as “Imagine” and “San Francisco“. He is also founder of the nonprofit Peaceman Foundation and appeared as Mr. Mitzvah on Season Two of the reality television show Who Wants to be a Superhero?.

Wilzig’s eccentric and hedonistic lifestyle is the setting for his lavishly decorated 15,000-square-foot  medieval-style estate in Water Mill on Long Island, New York. It is known as”the Castle”, it is considered by many as the “Playboy Mansion of the East Coast”. Although built in the late 1990s the Castle has been featured in various television shows, including the Travel Channel‘s “Grand Castles of America”.

Ivan’s medieval castle has all the trimmings; a multi-tiered moat with seven waterfalls, secret passages, gargoyles and dragons, a gold leaf gate, chain and wood drawbridge.

Wilzig has been a regular on lifestyle and reality shows on American and international television since the year 2000. The dating shows Single in the Hamptons and Manhattan on the Beach were syndicated around the world. Ivan appeared for the first time on German network television ProSieben introducing his Billboard hit “Imagine” right after September 11th, 2001 terrorist attacks. That segment also featured Wilzig’s Japanese girlfriend Mina Otsuka, who escaped the attacks from her office on the 79th floor of Two World Trade Center.

In early 2004 the ProSieben network broadcast the five-part reality-short-series So lebt ein Milliardaer! (“Lifestyle of a Billionaire!”) featuring Ivan dressed as Peaceman next to supermodel Naomi Campbell, DJ Paul Oakenfold and tennis world champion Venus Williams. In 2006 ProSieben featured him in the five-part mini-docu-soap Die Maedchen und der Milliardaer (“The Girls and the Billionaire”). VH1 featured Wilzig in 2003 (Hopelessly Rich) and in 2007 (The Fabulous Life of the Hamptons).

Wilzig filmed a television pilot for his Peaceman character. Wilzig says the pilot is a combination of reality, scripted material and animation. It is not known whether or not this pilot has ever been aired.

There is only one Sir Ivan.   Check him out.